Audi A8 D3 (4E) Front Right Air Suspension Strut (Normal Suspension) with CDC

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Audi A8 D3 (4E) Front Right Air Suspension Strut (Normal Suspension) with CDC 2003
Product Information
Package includes:
  • Air Suspension Strut
Weight: 8.3 kg
Aerosus Code: 163581
Model: A8, S8
Platform: D3 (4E)
Construction Year: 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010
Model Edition: Normal
Air Suspension Type: Normal
Position: Front Right
OEM Numbers:
  • 4E0616040AF
  • 4E0616040AH
  • 4E0616040T
  • 4E0616040AB
  • 4E0616040R
Product Description

Fast, smooth, and comfortable. That’s how the Audi A8 rides when its air suspension works as it should. But let those front air struts go faulty, and it’s a world of rough rides and lackluster performance. Get that luxury drive back by ordering your AEROSUS Audi A8 (D3) front air struts.

What Audis Will This Air Strut Work For?

This front air strut works for the Audi A8 (D3) with normal suspension.

Not to worry if you drive the sport suspension model. Check article number: 163583 in our inventory to replace your Audi A8 Sport suspension struts.

Why Do You Need Your Struts?

Your Audi A8’s Air suspension struts help with your car’s level control. This allows your Audi to carry heavy loads and sail over potholes and rough patches with ease and control.

What’s in Your Audi’s Air Strut?

Your air strut consists of two parts:
• Shock absorber - made from steel
• Air spring – made from high-performance rubber

This makes for a durable air strut that’ll keep your rides stable and fun.

For installation, you’ll need no extra parts. Give yourself 30-60 minutes to DIY this project. Or take your air struts to your local mechanic to let the pros handle it.

Signs Your Air Struts Are Faulty

Your Audi A8 lets you know its air struts are faulty with the following signs:
• Oil leaks
• Audi sags to a corner when parked
• Compressor makes loud noises
• Loud banging noises from the absorber

When you notice these issues, check your air strut system. Air spring leaks result in your air compressor overrunning and burning out. Meanwhile, air strut faults lead to issues with your braking and cornering. And that’s not a safe ride.

Order Your Audi A8 (D3) Front Air Struts from AEROSUS

Missing your Audi A8’s smooth and luxurious ride?

Restore those drives with a new front air strut from AEROSUS. Order both front air struts as a pair, and we’ll throw in a 10% discount. That’s alongside the 2-year warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee.

You’ve got nothing to lose. Order your air struts today to enjoy your Audi A8’s legendary rides.
  • 4E0-616-040-T
  • 4E0-616-040-R
  • 4E0-616-040-AF
  • 4E0-616-040-AH
  • 4E0-616-040-AB


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