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BMW X5 E70 Rear Sport Suspension Air Spring (Bag)

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BMW X5 E70 Rear Sport Suspension Air Spring (Bag) 37126790080

Buy a pair - get 10% DISCOUNT

$307.02 $276.32

Buy a pair - get 10% DISCOUNT

Product Information
Package includes:
  • Air Spring
  • Airline Fitting
  • Protective Dust Cover
Weight: 1.5 kg
Aerosus Code: 163631
Model: X5
Platform: E70
Original Equipment: 37126790080
Construction Year: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013
Air Suspension Type: Sport
Position: Rear Right, Rear Left
Product Description

Conquer new territory with refined luxury in the BMW X5. At least that’s what happens when your air suspension works. Let your rear air spring form a leak, and you’re looking and some bumpy rides. Suddenly, German luxury feels more like a go-kart ride. Fix this issue by ordering AEROSUS BMW X5(E70) rear air springs.

What BMW Models Are Compatible with This Air Spring?

AEROSUS designed this rear air spring to work with the BMW X5. But BMWs pack similar air suspension designs that you can use it on the following models:
• BMW X5 (E70)
• BMW X5 (F85)
• BMW X6 (F86) with M Suspension

This BMW air spring works in models with “Dynamic Performance Control”, “Adaptive Drive”, and “Dynamic Drive.”

Note that this air spring WILL NOT work on models without sports suspension. Those BMWs use longer air springs than the sports suspension models.

Own a BMW X5 without sports suspension? We have you covered with another product in our inventory.

What Comes in the Box?

When you order from AEROSUS, we offer everything you’ll need for an easy installation. This includes:
• The rear air spring
• Protective sleeve
• Compressed air connection

These extra parts prevent dirt and contaminants from entering your air suspension system. Thus, your air springs will last you thousands of miles of adventures to come.

Signs You Need to Replace Your BMW X5’s Air Springs

Your BMW lets you know when it’s suffering from air suspension issues. Check for these symptoms:

• Sagging to one corner when parked
• Air compressor making a lot of noise (running non-stop)
• Ride lower than normal
• Ride is rougher than normal

When you spot these signs, check your air springs. Ignore a leak, and you’re looking at replacements for the rest of your air suspension system. So get your air springs replaced while you’re still in the early stages of these issues.

Order Your BMW X5(70) Air Springs from AEROSUS

Ready to restore that legendary smooth drive to your BMW X5?

Then order your AEROSUS rear air spring today.

Need to replace both? Order as a pair and we’ll throw in a 10% discount. That’s alongside the 2-year warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee.

Select free express delivery to receive your parts in 2-3 business days.

You bought a BMW for a luxurious and fun ride. Make sure you keep your ride relaxing with a new set of air springs.


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Great service i ordered parts and received them the date they posted. Saved me $600 if i had bought from dealer. I installed and working great. .

Great service i ordered parts and received them the date they posted. Saved me $600 if i had bought from dealer. I installed and working great. .


Fast, great packaging fully compatible. We expect to see the durability, but the quality is excellent

They delivered my package with amazing speed. They keep their word. The parts are installed and operational, we will see how effective. basically honest seller.

Ok thanks all

Perfect fast and the good is perfect thanks

Highly recommended - Dispatched same day and made it all the way to Australia in less than 10 days.Very good customer service and very well packed to protect items.Products worked perfectly and quality seemed comparable to the BMW OEM parts they replaced.

Excellent product! Fast delivery and very very good prices!!!!

I am very pleased. I can only recommend.
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