BMW X5 F85 (M)

The BMW X5 is a car with a well-recognizable appearance. Some put it on par with the SUVs of Toyota, Audi, Mercedes. In fact, the vehicle provides a high level of comfort and durable mechanics. The main complaints of the X5 owners are related to the quality of the air suspension.

BMW Air Suspension Features

The multi-link system with aluminum parts and air springs is designed to provide maximum comfort. In the first few months of operation, this suspension does not need attention. But after a short time on bumpy roads, the normally reliable suspension wears out and malfunctions.

Inspired by the aggressive appearance of the X5, some owners test its characteristics with real off-road driving. Unfortunately, the developers of the model focused their efforts only on comfort, not durability. Even though the car is considered to be an SUV, it is actually designed for driving on good roads.

The air suspension of the vehicle provides comfort, control, and a smooth ride but durability and reliability are not among its strong sides. Of course, when driving on good asphalt, it will last for its designed service life. Driving on dirt roads and potholes, however, quickly wears out the air springs, the compressor valve, and other components.

BMW X5 owners have identified several of the most vulnerable components of the air suspension:

    control arms and silent blocks (bushings);
  • Ball joints
  • Joint anthers;
  • Joints;
  • Electronic components of air suspension;
  • Air suspension struts

Each of the parts has its own service life. For example, control arms and silent blocks (bushings) have to be changed every 50 000 - 60 000 km. For comparison: in Toyota SUVs, these parts last three times longer. With an aggressive off-road driving style, the control arms have to be replaced after 20 000 km. Air springs usually serve 80 000 - 100 000km, but the ingress of dust and sand can also lead to their premature malfunction.

Buying Parts for the Air Suspension of the BMW X5

The main secret of suspension durability is to drive the BMW on a good road, regular inspection of the suspension system, and the use of high-quality spare parts. The Aerosus online store is the best place to buy these parts. Here's why:

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