Mercedes-Benz E Class W211, S211 Front Right Air Strut with ADS

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Mercedes-Benz E Class W211, S211 Front Right Air Strut with ADS 2002
Product Information
Package includes:
  • Air Suspension Strut
Weight: 8.6 kg
Aerosus Code: 163267
Model: E-Class
Platform: S211, W211
Construction Year: 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009
Model Edition: Airmatic, with ADS
Position: Front Right
OEM Numbers:
  • A2113206213
  • A2113206013
  • 2113206013
  • A2113205413
  • 2113205413
  • A2113209413
  • 2113206213
  • 2113209413
  • A211320221328
  • 211320221328
  • A2113202213
  • A211320541389
  • A211320541380
  • A211320601389
  • A211320601338
  • A211320601380
  • 211320601380
  • 211320601338
  • 211320541389
  • 211320601389
  • 211320541380
Cross references:
  • 44-102272
  • VA5-A227
  • 44-100827
  • VA5-A082
  • AS-2246
  • AS-2785
Product Description

The Mercedes-Benz E Class delivers comfort to your drives. But it only happens with a working set of air suspension struts. Otherwise, you feel every bump and pebble in the road. Restore that luxury drive with the AEROSUS Mercedes E Class Airmatic front air suspension strut.

Ready for Installation out of the Box

When you order your AEROSUS air suspension strut, you’ll receive:

• The air suspension strut
• Air spring
• Shock absorber
• Electromagnetic ADS control valve

You’ll need no other parts for installation. But if you’re not feeling the DIY repair, take your struts to your local garage for a stress-free fix. Otherwise, this repair takes 30-60 min.

Benefits of Fresh Air Suspension Struts

Curious why you’ll want to replace your struts? Here are a few of the benefits these parts bring to your ride:

• Less noise
• Smooth rides without vibrations
• Better traction to different terrains
• Improved tire life
• ADS – Adapt to any road condition thrown your way

And that’s the start of everything struts do for you. But if you let your struts go faulty, say goodbye to all the luxuries your Mercedes-Benz E Class brings to you.

Signs of Faulty Air Suspension Struts

Want to know when your struts go bad? Check your Mercedes-Benz E Class for the following signs:

• Car sags to a corner when parked
• Fluids leak from your struts
• Rough rides
• Can’t lower your car
• Damping and suspension get hard
• Heavy wear on tires

If you don’t repair your struts fast enough, the issue leads to your air compressor overheating. That leads to expensive fixes you won’t need to make. So, prevent these issues by replacing your struts the instant you spot the above problems.

Order Your OEM-Quality Air Suspension Struts for your Mercedes-Benz E Class (W211/ S211) through AEROSUS

At AEROSUS, we send our air suspension struts to German automotive experts. This crew checks our products for safety, durability, and functionality. This ensures you receive air suspension parts that’ll last you thousands of miles of new adventures.

Need both front air suspension struts? Order them as a pair, and we’ll throw in a 10% discount. That’s alongside a 2-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

What do you have to lose? Order your air suspension struts today, and restore your Mercedes-Benz E Class’s luxury cruises.
  • A-211-320-62-13
  • A-211-320-60-13
  • A-211-320-54-13
  • A-211-320-94-13
  • A-211-320-22-13
  • A-211-320-22-13-28
  • A-211-320-54-13-89
  • A-211-320-54-13-80
  • A-211-320-60-13-89
  • A-211-320-60-13-38
  • A-211-320-60-13-80
  • 211-320-60-13
  • 211-320-54-13
  • 211-320-62-13
  • 211-320-94-13
  • 211-320-22-13-28
  • 211-320-60-13-80
  • 211-320-60-13-38
  • 211-320-54-13-89
  • 211-320-60-13-89
  • 211-320-54-13-80


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