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Mercedes-Benz R Class W251 Rear Shock Absorber with ADS

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Mercedes-Benz R Class W251 Rear Shock Absorber with ADS A2513200931

Buy a pair - get 10% DISCOUNT

$545.02 $490.52

Buy a pair - get 10% DISCOUNT

Product Information
Package includes:
  • Schock Absorber
Weight: 4.0 kg
Aerosus Code: 163476
Model: R
Platform: W251
Original Equipment: A2513200931, A2513201031, A2513201831, A2513201931, A2513202931, A2513203031, A2513203131
Construction Year: 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013
Model Edition: With ADS
Position: Rear Right, Rear Left
Product Description

You can’t go wrong with the Mercedes-Benz R Class’s smooth and luxury ride. It’s all you need for epic weekend getaways and fun-filled family vacations. But let those rear air springs go faulty, and it’s rough riding. Expect drives that feel like go-kart treks through tundra wildernesses as you feel every bump and pothole on the road. Restore those smooth rides by ordering the AEROSUS Mercedes-Benz R Class (W251) rear shock absorbers.

Which Models Will This Shock Absorber Fit

This AEROSUS shock absorber works with all Mercedes-Benz R Class models with ADS (adaptive damping system).

How do you know if your MB R Class has ADS?

If you have Sport and Comfort suspension settings, you have ADS. Also, if you have an electric plug by your rear axlе, you have ADS.

Not to worry if you drive a model without ADS. Check our inventory—we have your Mercedes Benz R Class covered there.

Why Do You Need Shock Absorbers?

In the Mercedes-Benz R Class, your shock absorbers are what help you achieve Sport and Comfort modes. This occurs by adjusting your ride height to fit your preferences. For sporty performance, your ride height lowers and you’ll enjoy less drag.

For comfort, your ride height rises to better absorb potholes and bumps in the road.

But when your shock absorbers go faulty, you enjoy none of the above benefits.

Signs of Faulty Shock Absorbers

Your Mercedes-Benz R Class lets you know its suffering from faulty shock absorbers with the following signs:
• Sags to a corner when parked
• Lower ride than normal
• Rough ride
• Loud clanking noise when driving
• Oil leaks

When your shock absorbers fail, you’ll want to replace them ASAP. Otherwise, you risk losing control, stability, and braking power on the road. Alongside less safety, you’ll also feel less cushioning when you cruise over bumpy highways.

Order your Mercedes-Benz R Class (W251) Rear Shock Absorbers from AEROSUS

Get your luxury rides back with a new set of rear shock absorbers from AEROSUS.

Need both shock absorbers at once? Order in a pair, and we’ll throw in a 10% discount. That’s alongside our 30-day money-back guarantee and our 2-year warranty.

You have nothing to lose when your order your Mercedes-Benz R Class shock absorbers through AEROSUS. Select free express shipping to receive your parts in 3-4 days.


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