Mercedes-Benz R Class W251 Air Suspension Compressor 4 Corner

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Mercedes-Benz R Class W251 Air Suspension Compressor 4 Corner A2513202104
Product Information
Package includes:
  • Compressor
  • Relay
Weight: 4.2 kg
Aerosus Code: 164122
Model: R-Class
Platform: V251, W251
Construction Year: 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013
Model Edition: 4-Corner Air Suspension, Airmatic
OEM Numbers:
  • A2513200604
  • A2513200804
  • A2513201304
  • A251320130428
  • A2513202104
  • A251320210405
  • A251320270480
  • 251320270480
  • A2513202704
  • A251320270405
  • 2513200604
  • 2513200804
  • 2513201304
  • 251320130428
  • 2513202104
  • 251320210405
  • 2513202704
  • 251320270405
  • A2513202504
  • 2513202504
Cross references:
  • P-3215
  • 10-255643
  • A2060-1
  • A1322-1
Product Description

The Mercedes-Benz R Class taught us how minivans could be cool. Behind the wheel, you’ll bolt down highways while ignoring every pothole in sight. But, let your air compressor go faulty, and this minivan’s drives turn ugly. Suddenly, every rough patch in the road feels like a go-kart ride over an off-road mountain pass. Fix these issues by ordering an AEROSUS Mercedes W251 4 corner air suspension compressor.

Installation Tips

This air compressor works for the Mercedes-Benz R-Class 4 Corner models (2005-2017).

When you order from AEROSUS, we’ll send you the air compressor with a new relay.

NOTE: You MUST install the included relay—even if your existing relay still works. Otherwise, your air compressor will not work properly.

You’ll need no other parts to install your air suspension compressor. So, set aside 30-60 min to DIY this replacement. Or, take your AEROSUS package to your local garage and let the mechanics do all the hard work. There’s no wrong answer here.

What’s in an AEROSUS Mercedes-Benz W251 Air Compressor

Your air compressor will consist of the following parts:
• Housing unit: Holds and sends air throughout your air suspension system
• Air Dryer: Keeps your air suspension free of moisture and debris
• Electric Motor: Powers your air suspension compressor

All these parts combined allow your AIRMATIC controls to adjust the level of your Mercedes-Benz R-class. Carry heavy loads and cruise over potholes with silky-smooth ease.

Sings of a Faulty Air Compressor in a Mercedes-Benz R-Class

When your luxury minivan suffers from air suspension issues, you’ll know by the following signs:
• Your van sags to one corner when parked for too long
• Bumpy and rough rides
• Sound of your compressor running non-stop
• Drive is lower than normal
• Lackluster performance

When you spot the above signs, check your air springs alongside your air compressor. When your air springs develop a leak, your air compressor overcompensates and burns out. And that’s an extra replacement you won’t want to make.

Order your Mercedes-Benz R-Class (W251) Air Compressor from AEROSUS

Ready to restore your Mercedes-Benz R Class to its luxury smooth rides?

Then order your AEROSUS air suspension compressor. We’ll stand by your side after your order with a 2-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Select Free Express Delivery to receive your air compressor in 3-4 business days. You have nothing to lose. So, don’t delay this replacement any longer.
  • A-251-320-06-04
  • A-251-320-08-04
  • A-251-320-13-04
  • A-251-320-21-04
  • A-251-320-27-04
  • A-251-320-25-04
  • A-251-320-13-04-28
  • A-251-320-21-04-05
  • A-251-320-27-04-80
  • A-251-320-27-04-05
  • 251-320-06-04
  • 251-320-08-04
  • 251-320-13-04
  • 251-320-21-04
  • 251-320-27-04
  • 251-320-25-04
  • 251-320-27-04-80
  • 251-320-13-04-28
  • 251-320-21-04-05
  • 251-320-27-04-05


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