Other Lexus GX470

Here you will find brand new replacement parts. In order to select the suitable for your car Air Suspension Shock, Strut, Shock Absorber, Air Spring Assembly, Air Suspension Compressor, please select the particular make and model. If you purchase a set of air shock absorbers, you get a 10% discount off the standard price.

The Lexus models are equipped with rear air suspension, which allows you to automatically or manually adjust the height of the car body for passengers or a heavily loaded trunk. Unfortunately, not a single auto part lasts forever. And with continuous use of the vehicle, the air suspension can malfunction.

The main signs that the air suspension of Lexus GX470 needs repairs

The most common problems with the air suspension are:

  • air springs are no longer air tight;
  • the piston group of the compressor wears out;
  • the valve block stops functioning properly.

To diagnose a malfunction of this unit, you should pay attention to the following peculiarities:

  • when the engine starts, the back of the body rises abruptly, and the front side of the car cannot keep up with it;
  • if you prefer a dynamic ride, and the air suspension is faulty, the front of the car drops substantially (when braking sharply, it returns to normal);
  • when the engine is turned off, the back of the car sags;
  • clearance changes constantly.

As a rule air springs are the first to go bad on our roads. This is due to the poor quality of the road surface. In winter and spring, a special chemical composition is used on the road surface, which can lead to malfunction of the air bags. When they lose their air tightness, the pressure on the compressor increases significantly.

How to properly choose the air suspension?

It is worth noting that different auto parts are suitable for various models and brands of cars. Also, during the selection, consider the following parameters:

  • the diameter of the air suspension strut must correspond to the size of the mount for the air bag;
  • high quality spare parts are made by trusted manufacturers who can provide all the necessary certificates;
  • pay attention to the characteristics of shock absorbers, as well as the presence of additional elements.

It is critical that all the parts fit your vehicle. Therefore, it is recommended to buy the whole kit, which already has all the necessary auto parts.

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