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When buying a modern car, people want high levels of comfort. That is a very important factor, especially when the roads the car is driven on are not so good. The clearance is the distance between the car body and the road surface. The versatility of the car depends on it. Clearance is usually measured at the front of the car, where the engine is located.

What tasks does the air suspension carry out?

The air suspension functions are:

  • altering clearance;
  • stiffness adjustment.

Thanks to the air suspension, passengers do not feel bumps on the road. In addition, the car does not bank when the driver is cornering, since the suspension constantly keeps the optimal position of the car body. This makes driving much easier.

Types of air suspension

There are 3 types:

  • single-circuit;
  • dual-circuit;
  • four-circuit.

The first one is installed on one axis. Its function is to adjust the stiffness depending on the load of the car. The second can be mounted on 1 or 2 axles. In the first case, each wheel is independently adjusted, in the second, it works as a single-circuit air suspension. Four-circuit air suspension is the most functional one, which consists of the following elements:

  • compressor is needed to pump air into the system;
  • air receiver- adjusts clearance within a small range;
  • air lines - distribute compressed air through the system and interconnect it;
  • elastic (rubber) elements (air springs, air bags) - the main elements of the suspension;
  • sensors - track the position of the car body relative to the road surface;
  • electronic control unit - processes information received by sensors.

In luxury cars, air suspension often comes as standard feature. However, you can also install it yourself after purchasing any vehicle.

How to choose an air suspension on an Audi?

If Audi has come from the factory with standard suspension with metal springs with shock absorbers, it is possible to install air springs or air bags in the springs. The size of the load that it can withstand depends on the diameter of the air spring. It’s easy to determine the load. To do this, take the data on the maximum permissible weight from the vehicle's documents, divide by 4 and add 20-25%.

Depending on the car, some corrections may be made. For example, the load can be distributed unevenly on all 4 wheels. In vehicles with the engine located in the front, the load on the front axle is higher, while in trucks or when car is fully loaded, the load is mostly on the rear axle.

The softness of the suspension and clearance depend on the size of the air spring. However, it is important to remember that the softer the air spring, the smaller its diameter should be. And for sports air suspension, it is better to choose shorter air springs with a larger diameter. This reduces roll when cornering and improves handling and maneuverability.

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