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We've got nearly all the replacement products you'll need for your GMC from 2000 and 2021. To get started, enter the specific year, and trim of your ride - plus, all our products are 100% compatible with their OEM counterparts (and built with comparable quality). If you order a front or rear pair, we'll add in a 10% discount.

The GMC vehicles are preferred by those who value power and comfort. In the US, there are lots of people with high standards. GMC Yukon and Envoy have become very popular in the last decade. These are capable SUVs with a weight of almost three tons!

Despite these dimensions, the SUVs are extremely easy to drive due to the electronics and hydraulics.

Features of the Air Suspension of GMC SUVs

The comfort of technology deserves the highest praise. It is provided by:

  • modern climate control system;
  • multimedia system of a new generation;
  • plenty of space in the roomy cabin for all passengers;
  • smooth operation of the air suspension.

The Yukon and Envoy models feature air suspension, which ensures a smooth ride regardless of the road conditions. As the vehicles are extremely heavy, special air springs with enhanced durability have been used for their pneumatic suspension. In order for the rigidity to be guaranteed, 75% of the suspension is made of steel.

The air suspension struts provide full grip of all wheels regardless of the road surface. Electronic systems help the vehicles avoid extreme banking and vibrations. The reviews about GMC Envoy and GMC Yukon are mostly positive, as the manufacturer offers a comfortable suspension that has proven itself on our roads. These SUVs are particularly appreciated by large families who like to travel together.

Although very reliable, air springs do not last forever. In addition, drivers often put their vehicles to extreme tests. In addition to driving in an aggressive off-road manner, some GMC owners load the vehicles to the fullest. As it might be expected, such extreme loads reduce the effectiveness of the air suspension, leading to malfunctions. Aerosus is the best place to order spare parts compatible with GMC vehicles to fix these malfunctions.

Premium Air Suspension Parts

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