We offer you all necessary parts and sets for the air suspension of BMW X5. In order to find the parts that are suitable for your car, select Model, Platform, part position or year of manufacture. All our products are 100% compatible with X5 original parts. The description of each car contains the reference (OEM) numbers of the part according to the specification of BMW.

When choosing a vehicle, it’s necessary to consider certain factors such as the cost of service, functionality and comfort. Of course, on a good road, even a bicycle ride can be enjoyable, whereas not all vehicles can provide a safe and comfortable ride on poor roads.


What are the functions of the air suspension?

Air suspension is installed in some vehicles. It deals with:

  • adjusting car clearance;
  • change of the stiffness of the suspension.

Thus, the car can drive off-road, avoiding excessive banking when cornering and improving the drivability of the vehicle. All that makes the ride safer and more comfortable.

Design of a standard air suspension:

  • compressor is needed to pump air into the system;
  • air receiver adjusts the height of the clearance in a small range;
  • air lines interconnect the whole system;
  • elastic elements (air springs) receive information about the distance of the car body from the road;
  • electronic control unit processes the information received from the sensors.

The air springs are responsible for the stiffness of the suspension; they distribute and align the load while providing stability of the vehicle when driving uphill or downhill. Therefore, they are the basis of the air suspension. In order to extend their lifespan, it’s necessary to undergo preventive inspections, to remove possible dirt when needed, and to monitor the correct function of shock absorbers and other elements of the system.

BMW X5 air suspension

The BMW Х5 was introduced in 1999 and was offered in 3 body types. The first generation - E53 - was produced till 2003, the second-generation of the SUV - E70 – until 2013. Then came the F15, which is still in production.

The first generation of the SUV offered conventional suspension and air suspension. The air suspension was installed either on the rear axle or on both axles. The main challenges related to the air suspension are:

  • limited resource of the front control arms, especially in case of off-road driving (20-25 000 km on average);
  • short lifespan of the bushings on the rear control arms.

The lifespan of the air suspension on E53 is about the same as that of the previous model, E39. It’s about 100,000 km, after which repairs follow. The X5 has premium off-road capabilities.

The air suspension on the E70 is more reliable. The control arms and steering rods need to be replaced after 80,000 – 100,000 km. The elements of the air suspension usually malfunction after 60,000 km. The suspension on F15 is tougher than the previous models. This is felt especially by passengers on the backseat. Reliability substantially improved and repairs are not as frequent as on the E53 and the E70.

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