Audi A6/S6/RS6 C6 (4F)

We offer the full range of components and spare parts for the Air Suspension systems of Audi A6 Allroad Quattro C6 / S6. All parts are 100% compatible with the original OEM parts. In order to select the suitable Air Suspension Shock, Strut, Shock Absorber, Air Spring Assembly, Air Suspension Compressor for your vehicle, select the model, year, chassis or modification. If you purchase a set of air shock absorbers, you get a 10% discount off the standard price.

The Audi A6 is equipped with air suspension, which allows for adjustment of the ground clearance. Conventional shock absorbers are used for the front axle, and PDC shock absorbers are installed in the rear. They adjust the vehicle’s level depending on the load.

Special sensors determine the car body level relative to each wheel. А transverse shut-off valve regulates the air suspension. This design feature allows you to adjust the level of each axis of the car.

Specifics of the Compressor

The necessary air pressure in the air suspension is provided by a single-stage compressor with a dehumidifier. In Audi A6 vehicles, this compressor is used only to regulate the rear axle, and in the 4-circuit suspension, there are several changes:

  • Increased working pressure up to 16 bar (used receiver);
  • The device is installed under the spare wheel compartment (outside);
  • Intake and release of air takes place in the spare wheel compartment through an air filter;
  • Pressure and temperature control is carried out by sensors in the cylinder head and valve block.

Each owner of an Audi with such air suspension should remember that the compressor works normally only if the engine is running. A temperature sensor protects the compressor from overheating: the control unit calculates the maximum possible time of operation. If it is exceeded, the sensor disables the compressor.

Pressurized Air Tank

A pressurized air tank (receiver or pressure accumulator) is responsible for the rapid and silent lifting of the vehicle. The device is filled while driving, so its noise is almost inaudible. If there is enough air inside the tank, the level change is carried out without the compressor.

Sufficient pressure level is at least 3 bar. The part is made of aluminum, and its volume is 6.5 liters. Air supply of the air tank is done at a speed exceeding 36 km/h. The maximum pressure is 16 bar.

The supply of pressurized air to the air suspension at a speed not exceeding 36 km/h is carried out directly from the air tank (with sufficient pressure). If the speed is higher than 36 km/h, the pressurized air is provided directly from the compressor. This method ensures low noise levels and saves electricity.

Air pressure for the front air suspension struts is 6-9 bar (nominal - 6.4 bar), and for the rear - 6.1-10.9 (nominal - 8.5 bar).

In addition to these elements, the vehicle’s air suspension system consists of:

  • Electromagnetic valves (2 reduction valves and one for each air suspension strut);
  • Pressure sensor
  • Body level sensors (turning angle sensors).

Purchase of Spare Parts for the Air Suspension of Audi

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