Mercedes CL-Class

We offer the full range of components and spare parts for the air suspension system of Mercedes CL (W215 and W216). All parts are 100% compatible with the original OEM parts. In order to select the suitable air suspension shock, strut, shock absorber, air spring assembly or air suspension compressor for your vehicle, select the model, year, chassis or modification. If you purchase a set of shock-absorbers, you get a 10% discount off the standard price.

The Mercedes-Benz CL-Class C215 and C216 vehicles are equipped with ABC air suspension. This type of air suspension provides incredible comfort. The ABC active suspension was first installed on Mercedes-Benz vehicles in 1999. It has proven its effectiveness ever since: despite the high cost of repairs, it is highly reliable.

How Does the ABC Air Suspension Work?

The name of the system comes from the words "Active Body Control". Four active air suspension struts have springs, the stiffness of which is regulated hydraulically.

More than ten sensors monitor the position of the air suspension struts, constantly transmitting data to the processors. The transmission of the signal and the reception of the response happen simultaneously, which allows for maximum smoothness of the ride regardless of the condition of the road surface.

The design of the air suspension of the Mercedes-Benz CL-class is quite complicated with many elements. The system is linked with the on-board computer, which always informs you if any problems with the air suspension arise.

Main Components and their Popular Malfunctions

The ABC air suspension of the Mercedes CL consists of the following components:

  • Pump - If it is critically damaged, the computer displays a message, and the suspension goes into emergency mode (it does not lift the car body). If the pump does not work properly, an error message appears, but it disappears after restarting the engine.
  • Damper - This is a pressure sensor valve. The cause of improper operation of the components is most often mechanical wear and tear due to pressure. Not only the on-board computer responds to this malfunction, but there is also a significant decrease in comfort.
  • Hydraulic accumulators - The membrane in them wears out over time. As a rule, this is a natural deterioration that occurs with a mileage of 100 000-130 000 km.
  • Valve blocks (O-rings wear out).
  • Control module - This is the "brain" of the suspension. If it does not function properly, the system gives incorrect data that may change when the engine is restarted.

The air suspension of the C215 and C216 models requires constant attention from the owner of the Mercedes. You should trust your own feelings and the work of electronics. In case of any malfunction, it is worth responding immediately.

Buying Spare Parts for the Suspension of Mercedes-Benz CL

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