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We've got nearly all the replacement air suspension parts you'll ever need for your Lincoln. We aim for all our products to function with OEM-tier quality - to get started, select the year, model, and trim of your current vehicle. Don't forget that when you purchase corresponding pairs in a set, we'll throw in a 10% discount.

Lincoln vehicles set the standard for comfort. That applies not only to city sedans, but also to SUVs. Even driving away from civilization, the driver and passengers do not experience any displeasure.

Lincoln’s Key to Comfort

The comfort of Lincoln Navigator or Lincoln Town Car is not due only to the luxurious interior and its electronics. These are cars from different classes, but the presence of air suspension is what unites them.

Naturally, the design and size of the air springs of the two cars is noticeably different, but each of them has an air suspension that is suitable for any road. Air springs smoothen the ride regardless of the road conditions, providing stiffness adjustment depending on the drive. Properly working air springs make it possible for all people in the car to not notice serious bumps when driving at high speed.

When driving on a bad road, the air suspension of the Lincoln Town Car or Lincoln Navigator becomes softer, which increases the level of comfort - the wheels smoothly pass over any unevenness of the road surface. When leaving the highway, the suspension becomes stiffer, and the car body slightly drops.

Air Suspension Benefits

Installing air springs on the Lincoln Town Car and Navigator is not a marketing scheme. Using air bags provides a lot of benefits:

  • comfort (as mentioned above);
  • increased safety – when cornering, braking or accelerating, some of the air springs become stiffer, which completely eliminates car body roll;
  • fuel economy - both cars are quite “thirsty” due to their powerful engines and heavy weight, therefore fuel economy for such cars is one of the initial issues. But when the body lowers on a good road, the car becomes more streamlined, and low aerodynamic drag leads to better fuel economy;
  • preservation of other elements - vibration when driving on bad roads is fatal for many car systems, and air suspension significantly reduces the level of vibration.
    • Buying Air Suspension Components for Lincoln Town Car and Navigator

      If you want to buy air springs for the Lincoln vehicles, you are welcome to order them from the Aerosus online store. Prices are much lower that at the dealership. The difference can cost up to 50% more. Buying a set of air springs gives you a 10% discount.