Audi R8

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The first generation Audi R8 was produced from 2007 to 2015. Air suspension was offered as an option. Owners of the Audi R8 with air suspension claim that they get maximum ride comfort. Therefore, they recommend that in case a general overhaul of the unit is needed, adaptive air struts have to be installed.

Features and Benefits of the Suspension

Lightweight air suspension made of aluminum provides incredible comfort. Ride comfort can be compared with expensive supercars such as Porsche and Ferrari. Moreover, owners of Audi R8 with air suspension claim that the unit functions much better than most premium crossovers. This is due to the fact that the construction of the air struts allows you to easily overcome bumps on the surface of the roadway, even with minimal ride height.

The Audi R8 is a very fast car (top speed of more than 300 km/h), so stability is extremely important for it. Owners of the model have no complaints in that regard too. According to them, the car literally “sticks” to the asphalt. The air suspension is one of the main reasons for that stability.

The wheels do not lose contact with the roadway when entering a turn, even with normal tires. In this case, it is possible to reach acceleration of more than 1g. This means that when cornering, the car can move faster than the free fall of objects in a gravitational field. Similar experiments were carried out not on racing tracks, but on ordinary mountain roads with lots of curves. The functioning of the air suspension in such conditions deserves the highest praise.

Unfortunately, the air suspension does not last forever. Low-profile tires transfer all the load to the air struts. Over time, the electronics begins to cause malfunctions in the suspension, and the previous ride comfort is gone. So, it's time to change the air suspension struts. You can always order them at the best prices in the Aerosus online store.

Buying Spare Parts for the Air Suspension of the Audi R8

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