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The market launch of the first Range Rover was in the 1970s. It was immediately recognized for its huge hood, angular shapes, flat roof and black pillars. We will tell you more about the vehicles of the fourth generation and one of their main features – the air suspension, which allows you to adjust the clearance depending on the road surface and the load.

First Generation Range Rover

The very first model was the Range Rover Classic, which was produced from 1970 to 1996 (26 years of production). It was a full-size SUV made in a three-door version. It was equipped with a classic dependent spring suspension and suspension arms attached to a ladder-type frame. The rear suspension was supplemented with triangular suspension arms with shock absorbers.

It was a proud luxury vehicle, with attractive appearance, comfortable interior and reliable design. However, it did not have an automatic gearbox or power steering.

Second Generation Range Rover

It was introduced in 1994. These were larger vehicles with more advanced technical equipment. They featured a height-adjustable suspension, which increased the driving comfort and improved the off-road capabilities of the car.

Third Generation Range Rover

This generation, which was introduced in early 2001, was a breakthrough. The engineers had kept the main features of the SUV, but its length, height and weight had been increased. It became the heaviest vehicle in serial production.

The innovation was mainly related to the rigid frameless body instead of ladder-type frame and the air suspension that allowed the clearance to be changed. This model automatically connected the pneumatic elements of the wheels and imitated the operation of the dependent suspension with beam axles. The stiffness of the suspension system was adjustable depending on the road surface.

Fourth Generation Range Rover

The latest generation, which has a completely new, well designed air suspension. It automatically analyzes the road surface and chooses the proper mode of operation that will provide the most comfort in the given road conditions. The driver can choose an all-wheel drive mode (in case of sand, rocks, gravel, grass, snow, or mud on the road).

The air suspension has 5 levels, which allows you to change the clearance in the range from 228 mm to the almost impossible 303 mm.

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