BMW 7 Series

We've got nearly all the replacement products you'll need for your BMW, 7 Series from 1994 and 2022. To get started, enter the specific year, and trim of your ride - plus, all our products are 100% compatible with their OEM counterparts (and built with comparable quality). If you order a front or rear pair, we'll add in a 10% discount.

BMW 7-series vehicles offer a high level of comfort. BMW's fourth and fifth generation 7 series (E65, E66, F01, F02, F04) achieved remarkable performance in that regard. One of the main reasons for that is the use of reliable air suspension. The air suspension struts react to all bumps on the road, and the driver and passengers simply do not feel them.

A wide Selection of BMW 7 Series Air Suspension Elements at Aerosus

Air suspension components are susceptible to breakage. As a result of aggressive driving or already existing defects, the load on the compressor valve and the compressor itself increases. This is a rather expensive unit, the malfunction of which does not go unnoticed by the electronics of the system. Errors appear on the instrument panel, and they do not go away even after restarting the engine.

Luckily, almost all BMW air suspension components can be replaced. Some car owners even do it themselves. The main thing is to find a quality replacement for the parts. The Aerosus online store offers a substantial selection of spare parts for air the suspension of the 4 and 5 generation BMW 7 Series.

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System Features EDC (Electronic Damping Control)

The BMW 7 Series uses electronic suspension stiffness technology. Changes in the stiffness of shock absorbers are controlled by a processor that receives information from sensors. The air suspension struts adapt to driving style, loading, and road conditions. Depending on personal preferences, the driver can set a comfortable or sporty driving mode.

The presence of such a system is convenient because the suspension works in the mode that is optimal for the driver: some prefer maximum comfort, while others go for sporty driving.

In the 4 and 5 generation of BMW 7 Series, an unregulated suspension system is also used. In this design, the stiffness parameters of the shock absorbers are averaged: the driver receives average stiffness and comfort. Of course, such an air suspension is less technologically advanced. But in its defense, one can say that it is more reliable in operation, because it consists of fewer elements that can malfunction.