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The Buick Rainier was named after a volcano in Washington state. This is a very comfortable car that can show all its strong sides beyond the city streets. The mid-size SUV can easily deal with off-road driving. At the same time, the driver and passengers will hardly feel any changes: the air suspension smoothens all the bumps of the road.

Features of Buick Reiner

The substantial weight and increased requirements for comfort forced the engineers of the model to install an air suspension on the vehicle. Despite a weight of two tons, the car features good dynamic performance; it has no equal in its class in off-road terrains.

The Buick Rainier was restyled several times, but the changes concerned only the electronics and other systems: the air suspension remained just as reliable. After the facelift, the vehicle was equipped with:

  • New materials in the cockpit;
  • Some changes in the radiator grill;
  • Side airbags and a navigation system were installed as option.

The second facelift added more modern electronics, a dual-zone air conditioning system, which turned the SUV into a comfortable family vehicle. The car is extremely reliable: it is especially suitable for those who like to travel long distances. Such a crossover will not give up on you.

Despite their high reliability, air springs and other suspension components are subject to wear and tear. The poor-quality roads speed up the process. The suspension can handle short-term abuse, driving on bad roads continuously, however, inevitably leads to breakage.

Failures of the air suspension are recognizable by the decrease in comfort, the appearance of creaks, and increased roll when cornering. All this indicates the wear of one or more elements. Luckily, original air springs can be quickly replaced. It is enough to order them from the online store of Aerosus.

Purchase of Buick Air Suspension Parts

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