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The X6 has a very original design - it is an SUV and a coupe at the same time. BMW refers to the model as a "sports coupe for outdoor activities."

Platforms of the Car and Their Features

Depending on the year of production, there are four platforms - E71, E72, F16, and F86. The first generation left the assembly line in 2008 and immediately attracted the attention of buyers from all over the world. The SUV with air suspension underwent modernization after four years of production. Even despite the global crisis, the updated version successfully sold in the CIS, China, USA, UAE. As a result of the success of the X6, competitor companies began to create similar cars.

The new generation of F16 cars went on sale in 2015 and was also a success. The design of the airbags noticeably improved, the handling was enhanced and the appearance was changed - the crossover became more modern.

X6 Suspension Features

The car uses adaptive air suspension. The manufacturer also offers four optional packages at once, which can be selected depending on personal preferences for the operation of the air suspension:

  • Comfort. This suspension on air springs is designed for lovers of maximum comfort. the smooth ride is provided by a special system of dynamic adjustment of air springs. For long trips on good roads, the Sport or Sport + modes are used, which increase the stiffness of the air struts.
  • Dynamic. If you need increased maneuverability of the X6, which reveals the potential of the car, then you should choose this type of suspension. When cornering, the stiffness of the right or left air springs is increased, and the torque to certain wheels also increases. This makes it possible to enter turns without a roll.
  • Professional. This package combines the capabilities of the Dynamic and Comfort packages - sportiness is combined with maximum comfort.
  • Adaptive suspension. A special type of sports suspension that reveals the sports potential of the car.

Buying Spare Parts for the Air Suspension of the BMW X6

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