Audi Q7/Q7 II

This is where you'll find replacement parts for your Audi, Q7/Q7 II. For nearly any air suspension component that comes to mind, we have you covered, from shocks to compressors. We aim to match OEM-grade quality and made sure each product works with the original components. If you need to order a corresponding pair, we'll throw in a 10% discount.

Some people like driving fast, while others prefer comfort and quietness. In any case, everyone is worried about their safety and the integrity of their car. Off-road driving negatively affects not only the chassis of the vehicle, but also the nerves of the driver and passengers. Therefore, air suspension is in such high demand among motorists.

What tasks does the air suspension perform?

Air suspension is a type of suspension that can adjust the height of the car body relative to the road surface (clearance). Depending on the mode, air suspension can reduce clearance. This increases the grip of the wheels with the road surface and reduces roll when cornering. In addition, the minimum clearance is used in loading mode, which facilitates the access of passengers to the vehicle.

High clearance is used for off-road driving. At maximum clearance, the spring, also called an air bag, softens. This compensates for impacts from driving in the rough terrain. However, it also affects the steering of the car in a negative way. Therefore, there are speed limits when car is in this mode.

Аir Suspension Variations

There are 3 types of air suspension:

  • single-circuit;
  • dual-circuit;
  • four-circuit.

Single-circuit air suspension is installed on one axis. With it, you can change the stiffness of the axis. Dual-circuit air suspension can be installed on 1 or 2 axis. In the first case, it independently adjusts the wheels, in the second it works as a single-circuit. The standard four-circuit air suspension has maximum functionality and consists of the following elements:

  • compressor - pumps air into the system;
  • air receiver- adjusts clearance within a small range;
  • pneumatic lines - connect the system into a single unit;
  • elastic elements (airbags or air springs); one of the main elements responsible for the operation of the entire system (their life cycle is calculated by the number of vibrations, and timely maintenance, removal of debris and regular inspection of shock absorbers can significantly extend the service life of the system);
  • sensors; responsible for the optimal position of the car body relative to the road;
  • the electronic control unit receives and processes information received from sensors.

Premium vehicles most often come with air suspension as a standard feature, but you can install air suspension even after purchase.

Features of adaptive air suspension on Audi Q7

The main features in the design are the presence of 2 receivers (instead of one) and a wider diameter of the pneumatic line of 0.8 mm. In addition, the air suspension Audi is equipped with an additional mode - Off-road. The clearance of the rear axle can be reduced by 45 mm if you have to load the car. To do this, push the special button on the control unit, which is located in a special mount in the right side of the trunk.

Receivers in the Audi Q7 deserve special attention. Because 2 of them were installed instead of the usual 1, the total air volume in the system was increased. Therefore, they can be used to adjust clearance without turning on the compressor. This significantly reduces interior noise and prevents the compressor from overheating. Also, the receiver independently adjusts the clearance of the car after passengers leave the vehicle or it has stayed parked for a long period of time.

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