Mercedes E-Class W212 / S212 / AMG

This is where you'll find replacement parts for your Mercedes, E-Class, W212 / S212 / AMG. For nearly any air suspension component that comes to mind, we have you covered, from shocks to compressors. We aim to match OEM-grade quality and made sure each product works with the original components. If you need to order a corresponding pair, we'll throw in a 10% discount.

The fourth generation of Mercedes E-class has an improved W212 platform, which is inbuilt without significant differences from all cars of this series. The vehicles feature front suspension and multi-link rear suspension, which is pneumatic in the AMG versions. The air suspension received additions and improvements compared to the third generation, as a result of which it became more reliable, lightweight and functional.

Features of the W212 Platform

The air suspension in the fourth generation of Mercedes E-class has been improved and redesigned. The air springs became larger, the new shape of the supports made it possible to improve the air suspension struts - these cars use McPherson struts. The air spring eliminates unnecessary vibrations and reduces the load on the car parts.

The air suspension has been improved also with regard to the damping system, which due to the presence of a separate air bag makes it possible to adjust the suspension position without special software. The Airmatic system allows you to adapt the system of shock absorbers for each wheel, which contributes to comfort and safety.

Many elements of the air suspension in the fourth generation are made of aluminum. This material creates a strong and lightweight construction, due to which the weight of the car itself is reduced.

The most vulnerable air suspension elements:

  • air spring cuffs;
  • compressor;
  • valves.

If the cuff is damaged, depressurization of the air spring occurs, which increases the load on the compressor. To avoid premature wear of the air springs, it is necessary to regularly check their condition and change failed auto parts in time. When professional diagnostics is used, the air springs undergo a thorough check.

Buying Auto Parts for Mercedes

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  • valve block;
  • air spring;
  • compressor.

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