Land Rover Discovery 3 Discovery

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The Land Rover Discovery 3 SUV received multi-link independent suspension with air springs and air suspension struts. Compared to the previous generation of the car, the air suspension design had to be significantly supplemented. Changes become necessary in order to increase ride comfort.

In turn, the addition of the number of elements significantly increases the likelihood of one of them malfunctioning. Nevertheless, the owners of the Land Rover Discovery 3 claim that the air suspension is not the most vulnerable unit. Practice has shown that within a mileage of around 100 000 km, there are no complaints about the operation of air springs, air suspension struts, shock absorbers, the compressor and the valve block.

Land Rover Discovery 3 suspension Design Features

The complexity of the air suspension design lies in the large number of parts. It includes:

  • bushings;
  • ball joints;
  • ball bearings;
  • silent blocks;
  • hydraulic bushings, etc.

All these details are designed to provide maximum comfort while driving on any road. Drivers of other brands of SUVs immediately notice the smoothness of the Land Rover Discovery 3 compared to their vehicles.

In addition to the smooth operation of air springs, SUV owners can set special air suspension modes of operation depending on the quality of the road surface. For example, for off-road, the corresponding mode is activated, which raises the height of the air springs, allowing you to confidently overcome stones and any other obstacles.

For driving on the highway, there is a mode in which air springs lower the car body below the average level. This provides high speed (due to less resistance) and lower fuel consumption.

Among the main causes of air suspension malfunctions are the natural wear and tear of parts and the aggressive operation of the SUV. Car electronics always let you know in case of a malfunction of the suspension. It is recommended to fix the damage immediately: otherwise, more expensive components fail, and this significantly increases the cost of the repair.

Purchase of Spare parts for Discovery 3 Suspension

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