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We offer you all necessary replacement parts and sets for air suspension for Renault. In order to select the parts that are suitable for your car, select Model, Platform, part position or year of manufacture. All our products are 100% compatible with the OEM parts for the particular car. The description of each car contains the reference numbers of the part according to the specification of Renault.

The French car manufacturer Renault offers many models with air suspension. In particular, it is installed on the Renault Master and Renault Espace . This choice is not accidental - air suspension provides maximum comfort for both the driver and passengers and reduces the load on other components of the car body.

Features of the Espace and Master Models

Each of the models has been produced for over 30 years now. Naturally, during this time, the cars have improved and received new features. Several generations came out, which have earned appreciation from motorists in many countries. Cars can often be seen in French films, modified versions even took part in the Dakar rally.

The latest generation Espace is a very environmentally friendly car. The manufacturer claims that 90% of all materials can be recycled. That is, the car manufacturing company cares about future generations.

Air springs appeared in cars produced by Renault in the mid-nineties. It was at this time that all the advantages of this design were appraised, and there are many:

  • Air suspension provides comfort to the both driver and passengers;
  • It significantly increases the stability of the car when cornering;
  • It provides better grip of the wheels with the road surface, which in turn leads to better handling;
  • Such a design is considered significantly more reliable than the conventional coil spring suspension.

The air suspension in Renault vehicles is mainly installed on models that are loaded heavily. For example, the Renault Master is a van designed for the transport of goods. Espace is a seven-seater minivan, the suspension of which also experiences substantial loads. Air springs are a more practical solution when car is overloaded on a regular basis.

Air suspension of Renault cars is also very important for safety. For example, if you have to change driving speed abruptly, the compressor sends compressed air to one of the air suspension struts, which will save the car from roll.

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