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Find your parts for your GMC, Envoy here. All you need to do is enter your vehicle model, make, year, and trim to see a list of compatible products for your ride. For extra peace of mind, all our parts are built with OEM-grade quality, helping ensure you always have the perfect fit for nearly any air suspension component you'll ever need. Need a corresponding pair? Order both and we'll throw in a 10% discount.

The Envoy is a large crossover: its grandeur is manifested in every element. Here is everything it offers for your drives:

  • a modern electronics system;
  • a luxurious, soundproofed interior, in which a family of seven can travel in comfort;
  • powerful engine;
  • latest navigation systems;
  • reliable air suspension.

The car cannot be called economical in terms of fuel consumption, but people buy it for its opulence. Everyone who appreciates maximum comfort and spaciousness will love this vehicle.

Features of the Air Suspension of GMC Envoy

The air suspension of GMC is a real pride of the engineers who developed it. It keeps the ride comfort regardless of the changes in speed and road conditions. Even during off-road rides, the driver and passengers feel pampered in the car.

Air springs feature a high degree of reliability, which determines their proper functioning over tens of thousands of kilometers. Other manufacturers use aluminum as the main material of their air suspensions. GMC has focused on reliability and durability, offering a suspension that mostly consists of stainless steel.

This design feature adds extra weight to the car, resulting in a total weight of 2.5 tons. But the work of all systems allows you not to feel a rough ride in any way: in most road conditions, the SUV behaves immaculately.

Despite the high degree of reliability and the use of stainless steel, the air suspension can also fail over time. Aggressive operation and time take their toll on the air springs and other air suspension components. Air springs lose their tightness, which leads to an increase in loads on other parts of the suspension.

Driving the GMC Envoy with a malfunctioning suspension is not recommended. This leads not only to a decrease in comfort, but also to a loss of controllability. Therefore, it is recommended that you order air springs from Aerosus to repair the system. There are also products for other cars equipped with air suspension (Audi, BMW, Porsche, etc.).

Purchase of Spare Parts for the Air Suspension of GMC Envoy

Owners of this model from any region of the US can buy spare parts at the most affordable prices. At the same time, you can save a lot: the products that Aerosus offers are much cheaper than what dealers charge, and when you buy a full set of spare parts (for all corners), you can get an additional discount.

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