BMW X6 F86 (M)

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The BMW X6 is a car that seems unstoppable. Although the X5 is more sought after, X6 is still very popular among customers. To admire the SUV is one thing, but maintaining it is a completely different story. As practice has shown, owners are not always happy with this model for a number of reasons.

Features of the Suspension and its Shortcomings

The off-road capabilities of the X6 are significantly exaggerated: the vehicle is more suitable for city roads than for off-road. Just like with many other SUVs (Toyota, Audi), manufacturers focus on comfort, but this is at the expense of durability.

The second generation X6 was no exception: the vehicle turned out to be extremely technological, but very demanding on the quality of the road surface. The air suspension elements are the first ones to suffer.

Wear on air springs when driving on bad roads is just the start of a problem. The loss of air tightness of an air bag inevitably leads to wear of the compressor valve (a very expensive assembly). Other BMW air suspension components are also prone to breakage.

Despite the aggressive looks of the X6, it is still an ordinary car for driving in the city and does not tolerate bad roads. Last but not least, excessive stiffness of the suspension leads to rapid wear. This is dangerous for the elements themselves, which wear out faster. Comfort also suffers to some extent. Owners of similar vehicles note that even small bumps on the road can be felt, not to mention large bumps or potholes.

The air suspension is electronically controlled and has three modes:

  • "Comfort";
  • “Sport”;
  • “Sport Plus”.

Drivers note that even in Comfort mode, all the bumps on the road surface are felt. The hits are felt particularly strong when the front wheel enters a pit with sharp corners. Therefore, the owners of the second generation X6 often have to schedule service due to problems with air suspension.

Purchase of spare parts for air suspension of the BMW X6

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