BMW F07/F07(LCI)/F10/F10(LCI)/F11/F11(LCI)/F18/F18(LCI) 5 Series

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The suspension of the BMW 5 Series cars is built to last. The F07/F11 models have air springs made of lightweight metal alloy. This design improves the steerability of the vehicle, and alleviates bumpy road surfaces.

BMW suspension is a complex system that includes many elements. The use of aluminum levers, rubber and metal hinges, air springs, and shock absorber struts provides comfort on any road surface and any speed.

The most common breakdowns and ways to fix them

Despite the high reliability of the design, aggressive driving often leads to wear and tear of your air suspension. Plus, the appearance of knocks and squeaks may indicate the wear of an airbag.

In most cases, you’ll need to change the parts. For example, a shock absorber is responsible for absorbing the vertical vibrations of the body. Usually, when replacing this part, a new anther, a support, and a spring are installed.

The most common breakdown is the wear of airbags (air springs), ball joints and silent blocks. The following cases are a typical sings of air suspension failure:

  • Tapping in the wheel area even when passing through a small bump;
  • Squeaks while driving when you change the gear.
  • The car twitching when braking or speeding;
  • Uncomfortable adhesion of the wheels with the surface.

Naturally, the replacement of air spring or other parts can be entrusted to a professional with sufficient experience and professional equipment. But you can always buy high-quality auto parts in our online store.

The compressor is the most essential part of the system

The most common cause of failure is a pressure leak in one of the air springs. In this case, the assembly needs to be changed. If the problem is in the air compressor, then it should be replaced. For example, if the compressor valve fails, it can cause insufficient pressure, which will reduce the comfort and steerability of the vehicle.

The Aerosus online store offers new compressors that can ideally replace the worn-out original assembly. The compact size of the device, the presence of fixing elements and a complete set of equipment (intake hose, relay, electrical plug) make it easy to install a new part. We provide a 2-year warranty for the compressor, but the part usually lasts much longer.

We do not recommend buying these parts from a scrapyard or carrying out its repair without a professional’s help. This can result in dangerous consequences, including reduction of steerability of the BMW car and improving the likelihood of an accident.

Buying auto parts for the BMW 5 Series

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