Mercedes ML-Class W164

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Air suspensions began to actively replace the standard types of this auto-part. The main feature is the presence of shock absorbers and a special air spring. The latter is installed instead of springs and helps to provide a given clearance of your vehicle by adjusting the height between the road and the body. When choosing an air suspension, it’s important to pay attention to the brand of your car.

Air suspension for Mercedes ML Class W164: specifics

Initially, pneumatics were developed primarily to improve the off-road performance of SUVs. With the time, however, it started to be used on passenger cars, thus enabling the improvement of steerability and stability. The main elements that are included in the air suspension Mercedes ML Class W164, are:

  • air springs;
  • receiver;
  • compressors;
  • body position sensors;
  • control block;
  • block of valves.

Talking about the durability of these elements, it is worth noting that they most often fail exactly air springs. This is because they are open and are subject to stronger tests such as snow, mud, chemical agents, water. All of this has a detrimental effect on their service life. Therefore, in order to extend the lifespan of a certain auto part, it is recommended to clean them from time to time.

Why has nobody bothered to provide protection for air springs in such expensive cars as Mercedes ML Class W164? It is pretty simple. Manufacturers have thought about your comfort, because sometimes the replacement of these elements should be carried out far from civilization.

How to choose?

When choosing individual components of the system, it is important to pay attention to the quality, and also that they complement each other perfectly. Airbags are the main element of such suspension. They allow you to adjust the rigidity and clearance without getting out of the car. The diameter of a suitable air strut depends on the type of airbag fixing. Attention should also be paid to the height of the strut in the inflated and compressed state. Shock absorbers are considered to be an important component, which should be selected in consideration of the driver’s style.

Why have air suspensions become so popular among the car owners? There are several positive features:

  • The ride becomes much more comfortable; the system allows you to extinguish the fluctuations and the road shocks;
  • significantly reduced wear and tear of the undercarriage. Subject to extreme loads or exceeding the allowable bearing capacity, such a suspension can reduce the rapid wear and tear of the elements;
  • improved steerability of the system; the system guarantees not only a more comfortable, but also safer ride.

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