Audi A6/S6/RS6

Here you will find brand new replacement parts for the air suspension systems of Audi A6. In order to select the suitable for your car Air Suspension Shock, Strut, Shock Absorber, Air Spring Assembly, Air Suspension Compressor, please select the particular make and model. If you purchase a set of air shock absorbers, you get a 10% discount off the standard price.

Audi engineers solved the near-impossible: they created a car that behaved equally well on smooth roads and off-road. The Audi Allroad quattro, Avant quattro and Avant models contain a special air suspension.

How Does Audi's Suspension System Work?

For better handling and smoother rides at high speeds, a short motion of the suspension is needed. This reduces the center of gravity and overcomes air resistance. For off-road driving, everything works opposite - the road clearance should be high.

These two concepts contradict, but engineers from Audi managed to solve the problem by using a new air suspension system. Such a solution has been used on the Allroad quattro C5 4B, which debuted in 1999.

The four-circiuit air suspension controls the position of the car body. Each air suspension strut contains a gas-filled air spring and a transverse valve. Thus, each axis is controlled separately.

The system adjusts the clearance of the car within 66 mm in 4 stages:

  • High level 2;
  • High level 1;
  • Normal level
  • Low level.

Adjustment is done automatically or manually. The new suspension system showed its excellent characteristics, and therefore, it was used on models of the following years - Avant C6 4F, Avant quattro C7 4G, C7 RS 6. These cars got modified suspensions. Hence, the sizes and materials of the parts are different.

Advantages of the new type of suspension

The application of the new air suspension showed the following advantages:

  • Changes in the level of road clearance within 142-208 mm
  • Improved car behaviour on different types of road surface
  • Significant reduction in fuel consumption when using optimal mode on each type of road surface
  • Electronics control the position of the car body - it remains unchanged, even when the car is loaded
  • The desired mode can be installed manually or automatically.
  • Indicators in the cockpit inform the driver about the current mode.

The position of the carbody is controlled by pressing buttons. Click "Lift" or "Lower" to change the level. Remember, lifting is possible only when the car's engine is running and when there’s air in the air tank. Reducing the height of the car body can be carried out even when the engine is not working.

Purchase of Parts for the A6 Air Suspension

Due to the high complexity of the design, pneumatics often fail. The age of some cars is approaching 2 decades, so this unit wears out. For travelling safety and comfort, it needs to be in a perfect condition.

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