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This is where you'll find replacement parts for your Renault, Espace. For nearly any air suspension component that comes to mind, we have you covered, from shocks to compressors. We aim to match OEM-grade quality and made sure each product works with the original components. If you need to order a corresponding pair, we'll throw in a 10% discount.

The Renault Espace is a popular seven-seat minivan. This solution is great for traveling with the whole family. The model is considered the world's first minivan of this design. An American manufacturer had developed a similar project, but unlike the Renault Espace, it lacked the 7-seat layout.

Suspension Features of the Vehicle

Ever since the first generation released, a special suspension was needed for the vehicle, and air suspension was proven to be most suitable for such situations. The idea of air suspension was implemented in the next generations of the minivan.

Cars from the 3rd, 4th and 5th generation with air bags, modern electronics and other systems that improve handling and comfort became very popular. Air springs keep the car body from swaying and easily carry the weight of all passengers and their luggage.

The Renault Espace air suspension is made mostly of aluminum. This makes the construction lighter. From the fourth generation on, many car body parts have been made of aluminum, and the car is considered one of the most environmentally friendly vehicles: more than 90% of the used materials can be recycled.

The last three generations of the minivan are remarkably safe for the driver, passengers, and pedestrians. In particular, safety comes as a result of the features of the suspension. It allows you to avoid rolling when cornering or rocking of the car body during sudden stops or abrupt starts. That helps the driver avoid accidents.

The use of air suspension gives a lot of advantages:

  • Improved handling;
  • The possibility to load the vehicle substantially;
  • Ride comfort on poo-quality roads;
  • Long service life.

Air springs have a service life of 50 000 – 70 000 km, after which they can become unusable due to loss of air tightness. In such a situation, it is best to order replacement parts in the Aerosus online store.

Purchase of Compressor, Air Springs and Other Spare Parts for Renault

Owners of Renault Espace with air suspension can buy a compressor and other spare parts at the best prices from the Aerosus online store.

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