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Air suspension has gained popularity beyond trucks. This technology was also adopted by premium car manufacturers. One of the first companies to start using air springs was Bentley. They are installed in models such as Continental GT, Continental GTC, Flying Spur, Mulsanne.

The Main Objectives of the Suspension and its Advantages

The main purpose of an air suspension is to increase the comfort of a Bentley Flying Spur or another model. Compressed air in air suspension struts makes it possible to dampen sudden fluctuations in the body that occur when hitting an obstacle or when a wheel goes into a pit. The presence of air springs gives Bentley vehicles other advantages too:

  • adjustment of the stiffness of the air suspension depending on personal preferences (which cannot be done on spring suspension);
  • air springs significantly reduce the noise level in the cockpit even when driving on rough roads;
  • when driving on a poor-quality road, you can lift the car body, thus avoiding a damage;
  • maintaining the ride height regardless of the load of the car is a very important feature that allows you to save the headlight settings, and this feature ensures the safety of driving at night;
  • the adaptive air suspension automatically aligns the body of the Bentley Continental GT when entering a sharp turn.

The main features of the Air Suspension of Bentley and its Vulnerabilities

The condition of the air springs is easy to check. After stopping and leaving the car parked for a while, the clearance of the Bentley Continental GTC must not change. If it sags, the problem may be:

  • loss of tightness of air springs;
  • wear of the valves of the air suspension struts;
  • damage to the receiver pressure sensor;
  • malfunction of the air suspension compressor or valve block.

As for the last point, such breakdowns occur less often than a loss of the air tightness of the air springs. Fortunately, all of the above items can be replaced individually, rather than changing an entire air suspension. The main thing is to choose the right spare parts for the Bentley Continental GT.

Purchase of Bentley Air Suspension Parts

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Aerosus gives a two-year warranty on products from its inventory. Accurate storage and careful delivery completely exclude the possibility of buying a broken spare part.