Land Rover Range Rover Sport

We offer replacement parts for the air suspension system of Range Rover Sport vehicles. Here you can find air suspension struts, air springs, air suspension compressors. All parts are 100% compatible with the original OEM components and they are offered with a 2-year warranty. If you order a front or rear pair, you get a 10% discount off the standard price!

The Range Rover Sport is a luxury SUV, with a chassis borrowed from the Land Rover Discovery. The first generation of the model was introduced in 2005, and the second, more advanced one, in 2013. All vehicles are equipped with air suspension, which greatly improves handling and increases ride comfort in different road conditions.

Features of the Air Suspension of the Two Generations of Range Rover Sport

The first thing cars from the different generations differ in is weight. The vehicles from the first generation weigh 2.6 tons and have a spacious interior and a trunk of 45 liters. The weight of the second-generation vehicles was reduced by almost 420 kilograms (due to the car body made of high-strength aluminum alloy).

The second generation is produced almost completely in automatic mode, which made it possible to minimize errors that occur due to the human factor.

First Generation Air Suspension

The air suspension of these models is very well built. Due to the design features, the operating clearance is reduced to 160 mm. Thanks to the air suspension, the clearance can be increased up to 190 mm or even up to 210 mm.

The suspension of the Range Rover Sport provides convenient changes of clearance and is controlled electronically. Electronics quickly responds to any changes in the road surface and takes into account the driving style, setting the clearance in accordance with this and adjusting the settings of each shock absorber separately. It also has important additional features. For example, the Dynamic mode adjusts the absorbers to work on different road surfaces - snow, sand, grass, stones.

The weak points of the suspension of these vehicles are the car body position sensors and the steering rack (not adjustable and not repairable). Also, the interior of these models is soundproofed, so it is difficult to hear when some problems with the suspension appear (strange noises, knocking, clatter).

Second Generation Air Suspension

In 2013, the load on the suspension was reduced due to the optimized weight of the vehicle, which led to slightly less malfunctions. This suspension system has more advantages than the previous version:

  • Increased stroke - up to 55 cm;
  • Increased clearance - from 200 mm to 336 mm;
  • Terrain Response 2 system was introduced, which analyzes the road surface and regulates the operation of the components;
  • Mode with high stiffness - the car is less prone to roll and swing during driving.

After a mileage of 150 000 - 200 000 kilometers, any suspension system requires the replacement of some components. To repair them, you need only original parts, which you can buy in our Aerosus online store.