Land Rover Range Rover L322 / LM / Vogue (w/VDS)

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The Land Rover Range Rover air suspension is a real pride of the developers. It is designed \ to ensure maximum comfort and safety for all riders. As the air suspension system continues to improve, there are additional elements that boost the performance.

One of the stages of development was the VDS system, which adapts to the conditions of any surface. Depending on the type of coating, the degree of rigidity of pneumatics changes. Land Rover Range Rover has been using this suspension for almost 10 years.

Functional features of the car air suspension

The VDS technology combines hydraulics and electronics innovations. At the first stage, the sensor system collects information about the quality of the road by transmitting information to the processor. The processor sets a certain mode of operation of the air suspension compressor. Sensors indicate the position of the body in different planes.

According to the received data, a certain rigidity of air springs is selected. That is, on a good road surface the SUV remains steerable and stable, as the rigidity of airbags increases. On a poor road surface and in off-road conditions, the opposite happens-rigidity is reduced to provide maximum comfort.

The SUV driver can choose automatic mode or manually set the rigidity of the air suspension. To do this, several modes have already been installed in the memory of the electronic system.

The main components of the air suspension are:

  • Electronic control unit
  • Valve block
  • Anti-roll bar
  • Struts, capable of changing characteristics depending on the surface
  • Compressor
  • Air bags
  • Sensors.
Every component can fail. In most cases, it is the loss of air way tightness that leads to an increased load on the compressor and other items. Therefore, at the first hints of a failure, it is recommended to immediately replace the worn-out element. Crossover electronics will always inform you about suspension malfunctions.

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