VW Touareg II

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Many motorists argue about the practicability of buying an air suspension, claiming that it may become unusable in severe frosts, and talk about air bags bursting while car is driven on the road. However, with timely maintenance and purchase of auto parts at authorized centers, nothing like this can happen.

What tasks does the air suspension perform?

It is important to understand what clearance means. This parameter indicates the distance between the bottom of the car and the road surface. As a rule, it is measured in the front of the car body, where the engine is located. The off-road capabilities of the vehicle depend on the clearance. Air suspension can change the clearance of the car and the stiffness of the suspension. It brings the following advantages:

  • improved comfort and loading capacity;
  • improved handling.

The unit consists of the following parts:

  • Compressor. It delivers compressed air to the receiver and is the main element, since without it the operation of the air suspension is impossible.
  • An air receiver that regulates clearance within a small range without a compressor.
  • Air lines. These air lines for compressed air interconnect the entire system.
  • Air suspension struts (shock absorbers and air springs that regulate and maintain clearance. The height of the car body changes due to changes in air pressure in the air struts. They can be referred to as suspension actuators.
  • Electronic sensors that allow you to track the position and inclination of the car body, acceleration and some other parameters.
  • Control unit that is necessary for processing information received by sensors and adjusting the suspension in automatic or manual mode.

Unlike conventional suspension, the air suspension of VW Touareg II (7P) provides additional comfort, improves handling and eliminates roll.

How to properly choose the air suspension of a Volkswagen?

For the Touareg, 2 types of air suspension are offered by the manufacturer:

  • regular;
  • sports.

Of course, speed lovers need to opt for the second option. Unlike the regular one, sports air suspension has lower clearance and roll compensation when cornering. In both cases, there are several modes:

  • heavy load;
  • normal ride;
  • off-road driving.

The first mode automatically switches to normal when you pick up speed. Normal mode, depending on the type of suspension, varies in stiffness of the air suspension and the height of clearance. Off-road driving has a speed limit of 70 km/h. With increasing speed, the air suspension automatically switches to normal mode.