Land Rover

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Land Rover is an SUV, which has earned the title of one of the world’s most prestigious off-road vehicles. Air suspension provides a smooth and comfortable ride in this car. The design of this type of suspension is complex. As a result, it requires special attention and timely detection of defects.

Land Rover Air Suspension Specifics

Land Rover off-roaders have an adjustable air suspension instead of a basic spring suspension. Unlike the springs, air suspension can increase clearance up to 283 mm. Thanks to this, the car can overcome water obstacles up to 900 mm deep. And, at a single press of a button, the back of the car is lowered/lifted.

The Land Rover air suspension performs different functions, such as:

  • Increases the smoothness of the ride regardless of the load;
  • Ensures the consistency of the set body height in case of load changes;
  • Increases the accuracy of the direction of headlight beams.

The height of the Land Rover’s body is measured by 4 sensors. These sensors send a signal to the Electronic Control Unit (ECU), which regulates the functioning of each air spring and determines when to pump in and when to release air.

With the Land Rover suspension system, you can set the body in 5 different positions, depending on the specifics of the road. When travelling on the highway, it sets to a lower position (25 mm below the normal), and for an off-road travel the body raises 40 mm. Lifting is possible only in automatic mode.

Despite the many advantages, the air suspension lifespan is not better than the usual spring suspension. With careful driving and without harsh conditions, the air components on the Land Rover Discovery last beyond a mileage of 120,000 km. That’s because of the protective casings that prevent moisture and debris from entering the air suspension system.

Common Defects in the Land Rover Air Suspension System

There are several types of issues that cause the suspension to fail:

  • Leak - causes the body to lower involuntarily and overheats the compressor;
  • Compressor operation issues - loss of performance, wear of pistons, disabling the temperature sensor;
  • Problems with height sensors - the air suspension control system is blocked or starts to malfunction.

All these lead to the Land Rover not entering service mode for repairs. Also, the position of the body cannot be maintained, and the clearance cannot be kept in a constant position.

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