Land Rover Range Rover L322 / LM / Vogue

We offer replacement parts for the air suspension system of Range Rover L322 / MK-III, manufactured between 2002 and 2013. Here you can find Air Suspension Shock, Strut, Shock Absorber, Air Spring Assembly, Air Suspension Compressor for air suspension of Range Rover L322 / MK-III. All parts are 100% compatible with the original OEM components and they are offered with a 2-year warranty. If you order a front or rear pair, you get a 10% discount off the standard price.

Range Rover L322 are all-terrain vehicles equipped with air suspension. Suspension types in different models differ due to technical features: the number of circuits, clearance, diameter of air suspension struts, installation dimensions, height of air struts, permissible load by weight, receiver capacity and others. To choose the appropriate type of air suspension or individual parts for its repair, you need to understand what elements it consists of.

Main Elements of the Air Suspension and Their Defects

The main elements of the air suspension of Range Rover L322 include:

  • Air suspension struts - rubber chambers filled with air;
  • Compressor - feeds compressed air to the air suspension struts;
  • Receiver - a tank in which compressed air is accumulated;
  • Car body position sensors - provide information on the clearance;
  • Management system - monitors and distributes the pressure in the air springs.

The air suspension of Land Rover Range Rover is reliable, but it has a complex structure, so problems can arise with any component. One of the most common causes of breakdowns is a compressor malfunction: the exhaust valve fails, due to which the pressure in the system drops, an air leak appears, and the suspension is blocked. It is possible to notice a malfunction due to a small air leakage from an air spring - the car starts sagging after staying parked for a while.

Another weak point of the air suspension is the valve block with an integrated pressure sensor. This unit supplies and regulates the pressure in the system. In case of a malfunction, it may be necessary to replace the sealing rings in the valves, calibrate the sensor, or replace it completely.

Failures often arise due to wear of the sway bar bushings, broken ball joints of the lower control arms, silent blocks (control arm bushings), bushings of the rear control arms, shock absorbers, wheel bearings. The higher the driving speed and the lower the quality of the roadway, the faster all these parts wear out. Careful operation of the vehicle can help you extend the service life of the air suspension more than twice.

All malfunctions have to be assessed by the professional mechanics at a repair shop. For this, visual diagnostics of the car is performed on a special stand. The deviation is estimated, and the presence of cracks, signs of wear, chips, etc. is detected. If you repair the car yourself, it is recommended to use only original suspension parts.

How and Where to Buy Spare Parts for the Repair of the Range Rover Suspension?

When buying the necessary auto parts, you need to pay attention to the model year of the car. In the online store of Aerosus, the year of manufacture and all characteristics of the spare parts are present for every car part. You can order compressors, air springs and other suspension parts from us. Additionally, you can always consult with our specialists to get expert help.