Land Rover Discovery

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The Land Rover Discovery is one of the most famous models for Land Rover. The first model was introduced in 1989 - it was a powerful SUV with a classic spring suspension on both front and rear axles. Later, in 1998, the manufacturer started equipping the cars with a more modern air suspension, which increased the capabilities of the vehicle and the comfort of traveling in different road conditions.

Suspension Features in Various Land Rover Discovery Series

Discovery II

The design of the SUV features a suspension with rigid axles at the rear and at the front. More expensive modifications have been equipped with a pneumatic rear suspension with a sophisticated electronic-hydraulic system. This provides smooth ride when driving on mud, snow and stones, and also reduces roll during sharp turns and braking.

Due to the increased rigidity, the suspension systems of this SUV are more suitable for off-road drives. At the same time, they also have their drawbacks, like poor resistance of air springs to low temperatures, disturbances in the operation of pneumatic adjustment and loss of controllability at high speeds.

Discovery III

The third generation released in 2004 and had some design changes. A system with air suspension struts was installed on it, which became an important part of the all-wheel drive system - Terrain Response. This system is necessary to optimize stiffness and adjust clearance based on the characteristics of the road surface or when driving through a rough terrain.

There are not so many weaknesses in this type of suspension system, but some can definitely be found. Problems may be caused by:

  • hub bearings;
  • silent blocks of lower control arms;
  • ball bearings for front control arms;
  • steering rods.

Gaps and cracks appear very often. Leaks from the transfer case are also quite usual. O-rings of the valve block and can fail too.

Discovery IV

The fourth-generation of the air suspension of Land Rover is made according to the classical scheme: air suspension struts, compressor, control arms, valve block, air springs. This is a powerful and reliable suspension, but due to the large weight of the car, it tends to fail quickly.

The air suspension increases clearance to 125 mm relative to the standard value and decreases it by 50 mm if the road surface is normal. It is equipped with the self-leveling function as a standard feature, the Terrain Response adaptation system, which provides controlled start in road conditions with sand, and the “Rocks” mode for driving on rocky roads.

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