BMW E71 X6

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The BMW X6 was introduced in 2008 and set to become the successor to the X5. In a sense, it succeeded - the SUV has been popular ever since. BMW X5, however, is selling three times as active. The first generation BMW X6 was considered one of the most ground-braking technological innovations of its time. The quality of the electronics was not inferior to that of premium manufacturers such as Jaguar and Bentley.

Disadvantages of the Vehicle and Features of the Air Suspension of BMW X6

In particular, much attention is paid to comfort. It is especially felt by the driver, who can change the driving mode in accordance with his own ideas of comfort. But he also bears the cost for that luxury. Car owners that have put significant mileage on their vehicles have noted the following units as particularly susceptible to malfunction:

  • Engine;
  • Automatic transmission;
  • Generator;
  • Water pump;
  • Turbine;
  • Suspension.

It is the air suspension that causes a lot of trouble. For example, loss of the air tightness of an air spring can result in damage to the compressor valve and the air suspension compressor. The price of an OEM air spring is quite high, but it is better to buy it right away and avoid causing a compressor damage, as the compressor is costly too.

Therefore, the aggressive appearance of the X6 should not be a mistaken with aggressive off-road driving. The car requires careful handling, constant monitoring by the owner, and regular visits to the garage. In order to reduce the total weight, many air suspension elements are made of aluminum, which can deform when wheels enter potholes.

When buying a BMW X6, experts recommend to start with an inspection of the air suspension in a repair shop. Otherwise, repairs may very soon be needed. In defense of the SUV, it is worth saying that with careful operation and when driven on good roads, the suspension can function properly for its designed service life of 80 000 – 100 000 km.

Purchase BMW X6 Suspension Parts

A properly working air suspension smoothens all the bumps in any road, providing maximum comfort for both driver and passengers. If you need to purchase the main air suspension components, order from Aerosus. The price of the products is noticeably lower than what you would pay at the dealership.

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