Mercedes GL-Class

We offer you all necessary replacement parts and sets for air suspension for Mercedes GL Class. In order to select the parts that are suitable for your car, select Model, Platform, part position or year of manufacture. All our products are 100% compatible with the OEM parts for the particular car. The description of each car contains the reference numbers of the part according to the specification of Mercedes GL Class.

Air suspension in passenger cars exudes how manufacturers today use different sources of energy and different options for impact absorption. Mechanics, pnevmatics and electronics are interlinked. Together, they improve your car’s steering power. When choosing suitable air suspension, it’s critical to pay attention to the specifications of your car brand.

Air suspension for Mercedes GL Class: features

The purpose of a particular suspension autopart is to improve the travelling comfort of the car, and also the ability to adjust the clearance. But, because of the expensive cost, air suspension is usually installed only on premium-class cars. The main elements of the classic pneumatic suspension for "Mercedes GL Class are:

  • elastic parts or air springs;
  • compressors;
  • resiver;
  • sensors that monitor the position of the car body;
  • controlblock.

The air springs take on the stresses of the roadway, keeping the clearance in the set position. To fulfill this function, the airbags need to maintain a certain pressure. Sometimes air springs are installed together with air shock absorber (in this case this design is called air strut).

The simplest pneumatic systems are installed only on the rear axle of the car. But such design can be seen on SUVs and estate cars. Thanks to this suspension, you can lower the rear of your car, which makes loading and unloading cargo easier.

Benefits of using air suspension on Mercedes GL Class

Talking about the advantages of these auto-parts we must mention the following specs:

  • maintaining the required body height, which will not depend on the load
  • automatic or semi-automatic clearance adjustment, which improves the steerability of the vehicle (especially relevant for bumpy roads);
  • More ride comfort for the driver and passengers: the run becomes smoother, minimal possibility of roll-off, the body stops swinging, improved steerability
  • the load on the standard suspension is minimized, so the service life of factory receivers and the fixtures is longer;
  • the use of closed-type air springs, in contrast to the suspension for Mercedes ML Class;
  • increased carrying capacity.

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