BMW E70 X5

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The BMW X5 E70 might look like an SUV— but it’s not. Despite the aggressive appearance, it’s a car for city roads. Some car owners do not agree with this and they put their vehicles to extreme tests. They are certain that their BMW X5 can cope with poor roads and off-road driving with ease.

Features of the Operation of BMW X5 Suspension

The air suspension suffers if the driving style is aggressive or abusive. The front suspension consists of many elements not designed to withstand excessive loads. The control arms are the first components to fail. They need to be changed in pairs—even if one of them still functions properly.

The bushings of the upper control arms are also prone to defects. In some cases, they malfunction only after 30,000 km of use. Bushings wear off when driving off-road - dust and vibratios qulckly take their toll on these parts.

The BMW X5 E70 rear air suspension improved significantly compared to the E53. It’s now much more durable. However, the air springs and other elements often fail at a mileage near 60,000 km. Wheel bearings have a service life of around 80,000 km. <.p>

User feedback suggests that the rear air suspension is stiffer than in the previous version (E53). This reduced comfort for rear seat passengers. But, repairs are required much less often. Of course, pneumatics can also fail, but problems with the compressor or other elements are less common.

Features of the Sports Air Suspension

In order to get better comfort and more appealing looks, customers choose the X5 with a sports suspension. It provides the following advantages:

  • Ease of steering when entering a turn;
  • More accurate responses to the driver's actions
  • Improved resilience at high speed
  • High strength of pneumatics compared to a standard suspension.

With the help of air springs, each BMW X5 owner can replace standard shock absorbers, improving the overall usability of the vehicle. For the sports version, air springs with more elastic rubber are used for maximum tightness and durability. Installing a sports air suspension allows you to maintain excellent road performance, even when overloading the car.

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