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The Ford Expedition is an SUV that was first introduced in 1996. This car is a whole era in itself. Over the 20-year history of production, the appearance and technical features of the car have changed, while new features have been added.

The Difference between Rear Wheel Drive and 4WD

In each generation, Ford produced the SUV with both Rear-Wheel Drive and 4-Wheel Drive. In the first case, the SUV sends power to the rear wheels. In the second, the vehicle sends power to all four wheels for better traction.

However, not everything is so simple. Depending on the type of drive, there are a number of differences in the Ford Expedition air suspension. The major difference is in air springs. Therefore, when choosing air springs, pay attention to the type of drive.

Ford Expedition Suspension Problems

Many people believe that the Ford Expedition is one of the most reliable SUVs of this brand. All components in it work reliably, and the crossover has received multiple awards for its comfort. When the manufacturer discovered some minor defects in the rear suspension of the second generation, Ford wanted to remove the model from production. But, there was a reverse effect. Sales of the Expedition rose abruptly, as interest in the SUV warmed up.

One of the vulnerabilities in the Ford Expedition is the air suspension. It is offered as an option and the upper trims of the SUV have it. In the first generation of the SUV, all the problems were associated with the wear of air springs. They were caused by inappropriate operation. In the next generations, air springs were modified, however, not entirely successfully. The following problems in the operation of air springs are observed:

  • complication of the design (the shock absorber goes through the air spring) makes it impossible to replace the parts separately;
  • the quality of connections has become lower (especially with regard to flexible connections);
  • there are some problems in the front suspension related to the operation of the sensors.

Problems with sensors are more often observed in the winter, when they are exposed to chemicals or water after the SUV is washed. Most often, however, the malfunctions are related to the air springs, which have to be changed.

Purchase of Suspension Elements for Ford Expedition

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