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Lincoln Navigator - a comfortable SUV and the first car in this class by Lincoln. It is often called the twin brother Ford Expedition. Both SUVs have a common chassis, but there are still quite a few differences between them.

Lincoln Navigator Features

The Lincoln Navigator is even more comfortable than its twin brother that received the prestigious award for the best family car. The Lincoln Navigator uses more expensive finishing materials and high-end technology, the cockpit has improved sound insulation, and leather seats are standard. In general, this model emphasizes the high class of the SUV.

Four generations of the SUV have already left the assembly line, and despite the high price, they still remain in demand in many countries. Those who value luxury, reliability and comfort choose Lincoln Navigator.

Depending on the number of driving wheels, there are Rear Wheel Drive and 4-Wheel Drive models. In the first case, the two rear wheels are driven and in the second, permanent all-wheel drive is used.

Lincoln Navigator Suspension Problems

Last but not least, the comfort of the driver and passengers depends on the air suspension. Air springs provide ride comfort even on rough roads. The air bags of this model are considered quite reliable, but the bad road surface quality often shortens their service life.

The first generation suffered from mechanical wear of air bags. Air springs failed due to aggressive use or long-term operation. In order to correct such a drawback, the manufacturer decided to supplement the design and complicate it. However, this led to new drawbacks:

  • a large number of mobile joints that may fail;
  • the air spring and the air suspension strut are built as one unit (now it’s less convenient to change them separately if they break);
  • sensors are susceptible to corrosion (especially in wintertime, after a visit to the car wash).

Despite some disadvantages, the car's air suspension is considered extremely reliable and comfortable. For many years, the driver and passengers have had no complaints about the air suspension. When a malfunction occurs, the Lincoln Navigator electronic systems report the problem on the information panel.

Buying Lincoln Navigator Air Suspension Parts

You can order spare parts online— even on your smartphone. When ordering a pair of air springs, you get a 10% discount.

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