Citroen C4 Picasso/Grand Picasso

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The Citroen C4 Picasso is a modern car with air suspension. This design feature gives many advantages.

What are the Advantages of the Air Suspension?

The use of air springs provides the following benefits:

  • The car becomes more balanced compared to vehicles without air springs - most drivers who change to a vehicle with air suspension claim that they will not return to a car with conventional suspension;
  • Noises in the air springs, knocks, and rocking of the car body are practically eliminated (this does not depend on the quality of the road surface);
  • Protects other structural elements from damage;
  • Minimizes vehicle sagging.

All these advantages were taken into account by the developers of the C4 Picasso. Citroen has used a similar suspension system in many models.

Disadvantages of the Citrioen Air Suspension

The main problem that the owners of this model encounter is the loss of air tightness of the air springs. It was stated that the air springs were capable of operating in the temperature range from −50 to +80°C for 200 000 km, but some air springs could not even reach a service life of 100 000 km.

The cause of the loss of air tightness is natural wear and tear. Even on a good road surface, the air suspension loses its properties due to compressed air escaping from the rear air struts. If the car is driven in harsh conditions, the suspension will most likely malfunction even earlier.

Citroen took financial losses because they had to compensate up to 80% of the cost of repairs. Claims of buyers became widespread, so the company had no choice but to compensate them.

Luckily, the next generation received an updated suspension, which fixed these shortcomings. New materials were used, which increased the service life of the unit. Air springs were made of a special rubber that could not be penetrated by dust and stones. The material of the shock absorbers was also changed.

Buying Parts for the Air Suspension of Citroen C4

Even a design as reliable as the air suspension of the second generation can fail, as it contains many elements. For example, you may need a new compressor over time.

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