Land Rover L320 without VDS Range Rover Sport

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The Range Rover Sport L320 is a medium-sized SUV built on the basis of Land Rover Discovery 3. The first generation was introduced in 2005. Range Rover Sport features a frame. This means that the body is assembled with the frame, and the air suspension parts are attached to it.

Features of the Suspension of the Vehicle

Manufacturers created this model for the sports driving mode combined with the option for off-road adventures. High-quality air springs provide a smooth ride, regardless of the quality of the road surface. Some components of the air suspension have been improved, so repairs have to be performed less frequently.

The suspension of the crossover, however, has some issues, which cannot be ignored. The first components to be damaged are the air suspension struts. During operation, air bellows wear out, hydraulic fluid leaks, and as a result of that, the air spring has to be replaced. In the first generation of the car, the air spring and the air suspension strut were a single unit, so repairs were more expensive.

Since 2010, air springs with adjustable stiffness have been installed on the model. Such shock absorbers can be installed in vehicles of the first generation of the crossover.

Features of the New Shock Absorbers of Range Rover Sport

It’s much more convenient to install new suspension elements that respond to changes in driving style and road surface. When the crossover is driven with a slow speed, the air springs remain soft. This provides maximum ride comfort. And when the car accelerates, the shock absorbers become stiffer.

The change of the stiffness of the shock absorbers allows you to avoid rolling when cornering: they become stiffer on the load-bearing side of the vehicle. However, there are some problems with the wires connected to the shock absorber - they wear out and the system malfunctions.

The air suspension of an SUV consists of multiple components:

  • compressor;
  • valve block;
  • hub bearings;
  • bushings;
  • connection rods;
  • sockets;
  • control arms, etc.

Each of the elements is susceptible to malfunction to a certain degree. You should be careful when errors codes appear on the dashboard and fix them as soon as possible.

Buying Parts for the Suspension of the Range Rover Sport

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