Porsche Macan

This is where you'll find replacement parts for your Porsche, Macan. For nearly any air suspension component that comes to mind, we have you covered, from shocks to compressors. We aim to match OEM-grade quality and made sure each product works with the original components. If you need to order a corresponding pair, we'll throw in a 10% discount.

The Porsche Macan is an SUV with stunning looks and superior driving characteristics. The premium class is felt in every element: trim materials, state-of-the-art electronics, and smooth operation of the air suspension.

In the competition for the attention of buyers, the development team of Porsche Macan has to overcome the fierce rivalry of Mercedes-Benz, Audi, and BMW, which also offer cars with air suspension.

Porsche Macan Air Suspension Features

Three suspensions were designed for the model, of which the air suspension deserves particular attention. It is installed as an option and provides extra comfort. The Macan Turbo version has air springs as a standard feature.

The air suspension allows you to change clearance, which can vary from 180 to 230 millimeters. Its modes are:

  • "Comfort" - the work of the active shock absorbers ensure maximum comfort, regardless of the type of road surface. The system provides smooth start and braking, overcoming obstacles on the road.
  • “Sport” - provides an active response to the driver’s commands. The air springs reliably prevent the roll of the car body during cornering, and when you press the gas pedal the car does not swing. Most often, this mode is used on bad roads.
  • "Sport Plus" - a mode for active driving. It provides suspension stiffness, which is especially convenient when driving at high speed on a good road. In most cases, Sport Plus is only used on a racetrack. Frequent use in unsuitable conditions loads other elements immensely: the valve block and other components that are expensive to repair may suffer.

The use of these modes is not only a change in the operation of the air suspension, but also the engine, brake system, gearbox and other components. In any case, the level of comfort largely depends on the correct operation of air suspension struts.

Purchase of Porsche Macan Suspension Parts

US owners of the Porsche Macan already witnessed some of the drawbacks of the suspension; on domestic roads, this unit wears out rather quickly, even with careful use. However, you can always order the Porsche Macan parts at the best price from the Aerosus online store.

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