Mercedes R-Class

Here you'll find virtually everything you'll need for your Mercedes, R-Class when it comes to replacement air suspension parts. To get started, simply enter your car's make, model, trim, and year from the drop-down menus and select the products you need. Even better- score epic savings by ordering your parts as a corresponding pair (i.e. front left and right shocks) to get a 10% discount.

The Mercedes R-class vehicles are comfortable minivans built on the W251 platform. Some of them feature rear-wheel drive, while others are equipped with the all-wheel drive 4matic system. The car comes standard with rear air suspension. Vehicles with Airmatic suspension are equipped with the ADS adaptive damping system, which allows the car to adapt to different driving conditions and adjust the positions of each wheel.

Features of ADS

The adaptive damping system is electronically controlled. Sensors for speed, car body angle, and steering angle allow for the collection of information necessary to maintain a balance between a sporty and comfortable ride.

ADS also analyzes data on the road surface and air temperature, so the damping force for each wheel is different. At high speed, the shock absorbers soften the vibration, make the ride smoother, and reduce clearance to minimize drag.

The improved modification of the Airmatic suspension contributes to the comfort and safety of the ride. The wheel position control is guaranteed by:

  • air springs;
  • valve block;
  • compressor.

The air compressor provides the necessary air pressure in the system, which allows for the vehicle to be raised. In case of excess pressure, a valve is activated and excess air escapes. Two types of compressors are available - 4-corner, 2-corner leveling with two-sided and four-sided alignment. The Airmatic suspension with ADS is available on all R-class models with four-wheel drive.

Selection and Purchase of Air Spring Elements

Regular monitoring of the air springs is necessary for the proper functioning of the air suspension. If these elements are damaged, the load on the compressor increases, which can lead to its malfunction. High-quality auto parts that are guaranteed to fit the original equipment can be bought from the online store of Aerosus. The flowing spare parts are always in stock:

  • shock absorber;
  • compressor;
  • air springs;
  • air suspension struts.

All auto parts for Mercedes vehicles can be ordered online, using the assistance of specialists. Our professionals will help you pick a part that matches the mode of your car. Choose a convenient payment method and place an order.

Aerosus offers spare parts at affordable prices with a 2-year warranty. Products can be returned within 30 days from the date of purchase. Air springs, air suspension struts, and other suspension elements can be selected independently using convenient filters on the website. It is enough to note the year of manufacture of the car, the type of product and its position.

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