Mercedes CLS-Class

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The Mercedes-Benz CLS is the link between the S-Class and the E-Class. Until 2017, the generation was represented by Mercedes-Benz W219 CLS and Mercedes W218 / C218 / X218 /W219 / C219 / X219 CLS-Class. In each generation there were flagship Mercedes-AMG models, which had some differences in appearance (radiator grille, LED lights, etc.).

Features of the Suspension of the First and Second Generation

The first generation received air suspension with three settings. The first of them (Comfort mode) provides maximum comfort during normal driving. If more maneuverability is needed, the air springs need to work in a different mode. For this purpose, the Sport mode is provided, which is quite simple to activate. The Sport + mode provides the correct work of air springs on bumpy roads. The vehicle’s ground clearance changes by 76 mm when changing the mode.

The second generation of Mercedes W218 / C218 / X218 / W219 / C219 / X219 received Airmatic air suspension with active air springs as a standard feature.

Typical Mercedes CLS-Class Suspension Malfunctions

Both generations have a common suspension malfunction: air springs tend to fail quickly. Exposure to extreme conditions, and the chemicals used to melt snow on the roads can be detrimental to the air spring. That is why it is critical to keep the air springs clean.

If you don't pay attention to the condition of the air springs in time, then the load on the compressor, valve blocks and piston group will increase significantly. Very often, components are put into operation for a short time, which leads to their rapid wear. In the worst-case scenario, the air suspension fails completely.

To determine the breakdown of air suspension struts, pay attention to the behavior of your W218 / C218 / X218 /W219 / C219 / X219 vehicle. Symptoms of malfunctioning air struts are as follows:

  • the car sags at the rear when the engine is not working;
  • when the engine starts, the rear axle rises slower than the front axle;
  • at high speeds, the front part drops, but then rises when car is stopped;
  • constant change in clearance.

All these symptoms are confirmation of the malfunction of the suspension and wear of its individual elements.

Buying CLS Mercedes air suspension parts

You can always buy spare parts for the air suspension of the C218, X218, AMG and the aforementioned models in the Aerosus online store.