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Air suspension adjusts your vehicle’s clearance. Previously, only trucks used this system. But recently, it became popular among premium car manufacturers. A distinctive feature of air suspension is the use of a air springs instead of conventional springs.

Features of the air suspension of Mercedes

An air suspension with classic design is used in modern Mercedes vehicles. It consists of the following components:

  • elastic elements (usually air springs);
  • receiver;
  • compressors;
  • shock absorbers;
  • distribution device;
  • control module;

Compresed air is fed to the air springs through valves. The receiver and the compressors are needed to adjust the clearance. A special unit controls them. Parameters such as the valve diameter and the power of the compressor are vehicle-specific.

No air suspension could function without a control unit. Ths devicemonitors the air pressure in the air springs. There are different types of control units. Some of them feature rather complicated design, others are not so complex.

The main task of the air suspension is the adjustment of the height of the car. This is especially critical on bumpy roads, which are often filled with potholes. Air suspension kits can be purchased for almost any car. However, bear in mind that the air suspension parts are quite costly.

The air springs (air bellows) are the parts that get damaged most frequently. The most typical promlems are:

  • The decrease in the clearance between the road surface and the car; this results from mechanical damage related to loss of air tightness of the rubber coating. air springs (the air starts to go out from it-);
  • The car begins to sag overnight. It's not a malfunction in itself, but with time, the air suspension will lose its air tightness.
  • The clearance control system is no longer working properly. This is not a very common issue, but it can occur in any vehicle.

The main advantages of the air suspension of Mercedes

The benefits of the air suspensions have been known to drivers for a while now. The main advantages of air suspension are as follows:

  • improved drive comfort; the ride becomes quieter and smoother;
  • Bumps and potholes become unnoticeable—exactly what you need for navigating rough roads.

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