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Many modern cars have air suspension. At the Ford plant, it is installed on a large number of vehicles. Air suspension is considered a universal option for high-quality road surface.

Ford Vehicles with Air Suspension

Air springs are used, for example, in the Ford Crown Victoria city sedan. Air springs on large SUVs are even better. This type of suspension is also installed on the Expedition model.

Heavy pickups cannot do without a reliable suspension. The Ford F-150 features air suspension struts. This allows you not to lose on comfort even when the car is fully loaded.

The use of air springs in Ford vehicles provides numerous advantages:

  • Comfortable ride for everyone in the car;
  • Good handling when cornering with high speed;
  • Long service life;
  • Off-road capabilities;
  • Stability on all types of road surface.

Modern air suspensions adapt to the road surface with stiffness adjustment of the air bags. In the newest models, there are predefined modes designed for the operation of the suspension. For example, on a good road, high stiffness is selected, which ensures confident handling. The worse the road, the softer the suspension should be: for this, there is an appropriate mode of operation.

Breakdowns are caused by several factors: aggressive ride and natural wear and tear. The air suspension is designed for the most severe conditions, but bumpy roads really take its toll on it. Time also does not spare the air suspension: after a mileage of 50 000 - 100 000 km, it usually requires serious repairs.

Not only comfort depends on the correct operation of the suspension, but also the handling of the car and the safety of the passengers. Therefore, you should regularly check the suspension system, even if there is no hint of a malfunction.

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