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The latest generation Jaguar XJ uses air suspension, which significantly increases ride comfort. The X350, X351, and X358 models use multi-link air suspension.

Air Suspension Features of the Latest Generation Jaguar XJ

Jaguar XJ features a dynamic suspension that adjusts the position of the car body, regardless of the load. The system also automatically lowers the car when driving at high speed, which reduces the drag coefficient. In turn, this reduces the noise during the ride and gives better fuel consumption. Air springs also increase the stability of the car when cornering.

The control of the pressure level in the air springs is automatically controlled by the air suspension system. If there is not enough pressure in the air spring, then air is supplied from the receiver. The air suspension compressor is also included in the operation periodically (to fill the receiver with compressed air).

ASM - air suspension module that controls the operation of the valves of air suspension struts. The front air springs are controlled in pairs, while the rear ones are individually controlled. The module also determines the position of the car body: for example, when driving downhill, the front axle is adjusted first, and when driving uphill, the rear axle is the first to be regulated. Two filters are responsible for the response speed of the ASM module, which adjust the suspension depending on the driving speed.

The last generation of the Jaguar XJ used two types of air springs: "comfort" and "sport". The first type of air springs provides maximum comfort, and the sporty version is characterized by higher stiffness (for easier handling). The sporty air springs are slightly smaller in size.

The module determines the position of the car body using various sensors:

  • vertical acceleration (front and rear);
  • front suspension height (right and left);
  • rear suspension height (right and left);
  • speedometer, etc.

Thus, the air suspension of the Jaguar XJ X351 is a high-tech piece of machinery designed to improve comfort, safety and handling. If necessary, you can always replace the air springs by buying new ones from the Aerosus online store.

Buying Jaguar Suspension Parts

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