Mercedes E-Class

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Mercedes vehicles feature an advanced air suspension, which has its own brand name - Airmatic. This system is well known for supplying comfortable rides. Mercedes-Benz offers improved spare parts, which are used in vehicle production.

Principle of Operation of the Suspension

The patented technology of Mercedes provides a high level of comfort and reliable operation of a modern car. The air suspension of the brand is a four-circuit system with improved functionality. The control unit receives information about the operation of different components:

  • Wheel rotation speed
  • Wheel turning angle
  • Vehicle acceleration
  • Level of the suspension

The pressure inside the air suspension, air temperature and other less significant factors are also analyzed. ADS, a damping system, analyzes the quality of the road surface. It also receives information about the driving style and characteristics thanks to the wheel turning angle sensors and speed sensors. Thus, Airmatic receives comprehensive information about how the car is being driven and what the best conditions for a comfortable ride are.

Based on this analysis, the appropriate mode of the air suspension is chosen – it rises the vehicle up or lowers it down. The proper level allows you to get the right clearance, thus preventing both the driver and the car from possible vibrations and shaking.

The Airmatic air suspension is installed in E-Class W211 and W212. There is a noticeable difference between the third and fourth generation, including in the devices of the air suspension and its components. In the fourth generation, air bellows were enlarged, the shape of the air suspension struts was changed, and materials were improved. The subframe was made of steel, while the other parts were made of aluminum to reduce the weight of the car. The shock absorber system adapts separately for each wheel.

The suspension mode can be selected before the start of the trip. The Airmatic system is available in all-wheel drive vehicles with 4matic, including the AMG models.

Buying Car Parts for Mercedes

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