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The Lincoln Town Car is a 6-seat American luxury car. Both the driver and the passengers enjoy the great comfort of this vehicle. The car was produced for more than thirty years due to its popularity all over the world. It has everything you need:

  • modern electronics;
  • expensive decoration materials;
  • enough space for six people;
  • reliable suspension.

That’s why Lincoln Town Car became extremely popular in the countries of the Middle East, where people really appreciate comfort. In the US, there are not many of such cars, which is why their owners experience difficulties when they have to get spare parts.

Lincoln Town Car Suspension Features

The car was restyled several times. Not only exterior elements and finishing materials were improved, but also various technical features. In 1998, air suspension was introduced in the vehicle. Air springs provided a more comfortable ride - because they smooth out almost any unevenness of the road, regardless of speed.

Even after the model was discontinued in 2011, its popularity did not decline. There are still a lot of people who want to drive the Lincoln Town Car as an ultra-reliable executive car.

Despite the great length (more than 5.5 meters) the car does not seem massive and heavy. For its size, it looks fast and lightweight.

The car suspension has a rather unusual design. The front part consists of a double control arm, a spring and a stabilizer. Electronically controlled air springs are used at the rear. This feature of the suspension ensures smooth ride, dynamic acceleration and braking without swinging, as well as confident cornering without banking.

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Buying Air Springs for the Lincoln Town Car

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